Funding FAQs

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Date of preparation: May 2019


How do I submit my proposal for Corporate Funding?

We encourage requestors to submit all applications for Grants, Donations and Sponsorships funding to Celgene via our (online portal), the exclusive mechanism for submission of requests. Once your online application has been submitted for any type of funding from Celgene through these online portals, you will receive an acknowledgement at the e-mail address listed on your application.

May I send the application directly to a Celgene representative or another contact at Celgene?

We encourage requestors to submit all applications for Grants, Donations, Sponsorships and Corporate Membership funding to Celgene via the (online portal).  The portal is the exclusive mechanism for request submissions.

If I want to mail a copy of my request for review, to whom do I address it?

Please do not mail any requests.  Letters of request that are mailed to Celgene will generally NOT be considered for review; we encourage all applicants for Grants, Donations, Sponsorships and Corporate Membership funding to utilise the application portal.

I have a global program that takes place outside the UK and Ireland. Can the budget be submitted in currencies other than the GB Sterling/Euro?

Yes, you may submit the budget in a local currency.

Where can I find out about the status of my request after submission?

After logging into the system, the status of your request can be found on the Welcome / Applicant page of the (application portal).

Who may I contact for questions related to the funding requests process?

For general questions with respect to the funding requests process, please email

How can I ensure my submission was received? When and how will I learn if my request has been granted?

Applicants will receive an email notification that their request has been received immediately upon successful and complete submission through, not all requests are able to be granted, but Celgene carefully considers funding requests in each case.  Applicants will be notified via email within 10 business days following the committee’s decision.  All funding decisions are made at the sole discretion of Celgene Limited.

Who can I contact if I have any questions about my application?

Please contact Celgene at with any questions about your application.

Who can I contact if I am experiencing technical difficulties?

Please contact the support team for any difficulties you may be experiencing with your application.

My program is starting in 2 weeks. Can I still submit an application beforehand?

No. Applications must be submitted 60 days prior to the start date of your program/event. The 60-day lead time ensures adequate time for application review and processing.

What documentation will I need to provide during the application process?

The Celgene Funding portal will collect information relevant to the application process, including:

  • Contact information for applicant
  • Description of the educational or other need identified, program topics and parameters, agendas, each as applicable
  • Program partner contact information (if applicable)
  • Budget detail (see below)

What type of budget information do I need to provide?

Budgets must be limited to a reasonable estimate of the cost of the funded activities. A budget template should include:

  • Full program cost
  • Proportion of the program to be funded by Celgene
  • Program details broken down by major categories (e.g. costs associated with program development, delivery, venue charges, enduring material costs) and per-person costs for any transfers of value to attendees, faculty and staff (e.g., honoraria, airfare, hotel accommodations, food and beverage costs).

Will any part of my program budget be subject to the Transfers of Value reporting requirements for healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations?

Yes, possibly.  Patient and Professional Advocacy donations can be subject to “Transfers of Value” reporting. Elements of the program that provide funding or other resources (including honoraria, travel costs, meals) to physicians and certain other healthcare professionals may need to be documented and reported to Celgene.

How often are applications reviewed?

The Review Committee review applications monthly.

What information is required for Sponsorships?

The Celgene Funding Portal will collect, among other items, specific information as part of the application process, including:

  • The nature of the event/program to be funded, including a general description of the proposed attendees and number of attendees expected, and the healthcare, scientific or other educational topics to be discussed;

What are some of the restrictions on Sponsorships?

  • Celgene will not provide sponsorship funding for events that have occurred in the past.
  • Celgene expects that requests for sponsorship funding will be solicited from multiple sources.
  • Celgene will not provide funding for support of entertainment, social events, or any other types of expenses prohibited under EFPIA, ABPI & IPHA Codes of Practice.

What information is required for Corporate Memberships?

The Celgene Funding Portal will collect specific information as part of the application process, including:

  • The primary purpose of the organisation, including a general description of its mission, activities, etc.;
  • Documentation of the tangible benefits offered to Celgene and confirmation that the corporate membership benefits are offered to other manufacturers;
  • Available levels of corporate membership and associated tangible benefits, if applicable; and
  • A list of the organisation’s current or prior year’s corporate members and/or a website URL where such information is made publicly available;

The Funding Portal includes relevant criteria required to support a Corporate Membership request. A corporate membership request will not be funded by Celgene without a completed application and required supporting documentation.

What are some of the restrictions on Corporate Memberships?

Celgene will not provide corporate membership funding in support of entertainment, social events, or any other types of expenses prohibited under the EFPIA, ABPI & IPHA Codes of Practice.

Celgene expects that corporate membership support will be sought by a requestor from multiple entities.

Celgene will not provide corporate membership funding If sufficient information has not been provided to confirm the purpose of the corporate membership (e.g., agendas, meetings, etc.), including benefits associated with membership (e.g., tickets to meetings, marketing/advertising, etc.).


Are there specific system requirements for using the Celgene Funding portal?

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Please note that both User IDs & Passwords are case-sensitive.
  • You must have both cookies & JavaScript enabled to log in.

Minimum supported web browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher
  • Microsoft Edge (Current Version)
  • Mozilla Firefox (Current Version)
  • Apple Safari (Current Version)
  • Google Chrome (Current Version)

How do I change my password?

If you know your current password, please log in and go to your profile. Edit Profile is located on the upper right of the screen. Click on that link to change your password.

If I have forgotten my password, how do I change it?

On the login screen, click the “Forgot my password” link. You will be asked to provide your email address and then click submit. Instructions for resetting your password will be emailed to you. If you do not receive an email within 20 minutes of your request, please click “Need Support” for assistance.

What if I search for an organisation and cannot find it?

If you cannot find the organisation you are looking for, you may add it by creating a new organisation.

Do I have to save every page as I complete the application?

No, once you move to a new section of the application, all the information you previously entered is automatically saved. When you opt to do this, you will be asked to provide your e-mail address and create a password for future access to your application.

How will Celgene communicate with me about the status of my funding proposal?

After you submit your application, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. After an initial review, you may be contacted to provide additional information. All communication occurs via e-mail. After review, you will receive an e-mail notifying you if your request was approved (subject to the execution of a Funding Agreement) or not approved.

Why didn’t I receive an e-mail notification from Celgene?

It is possible that the e-mail was mistakenly filtered by your organisation’s or provider’s SPAM filter. Also, any correspondence that is sent out is directed to the e-mail address of the contact person that was provided in the application. If you were not listed as the contact person, you will not be receiving any correspondence from Celgene regarding the application.

Where can I find out about the status of my request after submission?

The status of your request can be found on your Welcome / Applicant Account page once you log in to the system.

I received notification that my request was approved, but I have not received payment. When should I expect payment and whom should I contact if I have not received it?

If your request was approved, you should receive payment within 30-45 days after the full execution of the contract. If you have not received payment after this time, please contact us at

I am getting an error on my page; who do I contact?

A” Need Support?” link appears on every page of the application. That link provides a list of FAQ and a form to describe your technical issue or ask your question. Click on the “Submit Support Request” button and a reply will be sent to you within 24 hours.